It did not begin when the travel industry promoted Thailand as one of the favorite tourist destinations, it did not just happen when Bangkok, the capital city was voted "World's No.1" city to eat.........

But it started a long time ago…… Thai Cuisine is an Evolution of Flavors through 800 years of our history. It is a way of life, lived by the people who have learnt to master the art of creating harmony among contradicting aspects of life. 

From serene Buddhist piety to battles on elephant back, from humble rice paddy chores to exquisite palace etiquette, from delicate silk-weaving to deadly kick-boxing, our history has taught us to put the different flavors of life in a harmonious blend. 

So be it,

A leaf that smells like flowers,

A flower that tastes like fruits,

A fruit that produces milk,

An herb that burns like fire.

We have been putting them together in a dish for as long as 800 years.

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